Goodbye Freddie! Thank for the memories!

03-08-09, 13:45
Never thought I’m going to write this, but for me, you deserve a proper salutation, mate. Hearing your pending retirement from Test cricket was bittersweet for me. I know this day would come sooner or later, but when it comes, it still bring me a pang of disappointment. From now on I would never be able to watch you playing in the Ashes again. But let’s not draw in all the bitter of it, let’s me salute your achievement.

Freddie mate, thank you to open me to the world of cricket, the sport of gentlemen, to the craziness and drunkenness of the “Barmy Army” and above all, thank for the experience of different level of emotions you had brought to me for the past years. I would never forget your greatest over when you bowled to Langer and Pointing in the Second test. Seven balls, seven un-playable deliveries and how the ground was shaken with the uproar when you got Ricky’s wicket. And how would I ever forget the nerve-wrecking ending for that test when nearly my entire finger nails had gone with each run was scored and each wicket was fallen. But the moment stood out for me is when you came to Brett to give your consolidate. That’s what about cricket, about you: play hard but fair.

I would never forget how my heart trembled with excitement and anticipation before the final day at the Oval, 2005. And what a proper song they used at that times, “The winner takes it all”. How can I barely survive that whole long night turning back and forth from the TV screen, to the BBC Test Match Special and the Barmy Army forum, I hardly know. All I can remember now is I spent a next day drinking and hanging over, hanging over and drinking and so on with my work mate at the Ed’s. Thank you very much Freddie, to bring me such a sweet time.

Of course, you brought us not less heartache, too, but is it another good time for us to sober? How many plastic cups of beer I have consumed during a final day at the A-Oval, 2007 under the 40oC blue sky? It gave me a most ridiculous ever sun burn and the fiercest ever wave of angriness from my daughter believing I went to the beach without taking her. And the disappointment in the result was so big that spending the whole week sobering brought no relieve my pain. But that’s cricket, that’s sport and that’s life. Good thing will come to end.

So Fred! Tonight is the night, the golden chance for you to help England regain the Ashes, a biggest farewell present you can give to us. Just go for it, mate. I know you will give it all as you have done in the Lord test before. My heart once again trembles with anticipation and excitement for tonight, but it can barely bear the fact that maybe after tonight, I will not see you playing anymore.

Good luck for tonight, Freddie.

And to you I raise my cup: To Freddie.
22-08-09, 07:05

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

It's time to grab the Ashes, Freddie and co.

Let's make your last moment in Test cricket unforgettable man. And let's me chuckle over the biggest ever apple pie on the face of my stupid arrogant Ausie's mate. How come the fortune can change so dramatically in the match, bring me from the brink of despair to glorious sunshine triumph in a course of some mare overs.

What a night waiting ahead, an exciting night of cricket and a double treat with Murray, the vampire threatens to suck the fat out of the big belly of old men Federer. Oh how I wish I can pack my old and young woman into a trunk, send them over to the in-law and jump on the plane to flight over the Oval.

Oh my wild days have gone but its spirit is still intact..