Hỏi về bài A day in the life (the Beatles)

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Em với thằng bạn đang tranh luận về bài A day in the life của the Beatles.
Em: Sau khi Paul hát xong câu "Somebody spoke and i went into a dream" thì phần nhạc tiếp theo và phần Ahhhhh là do John viết và hát.
Thằng bạn: Paul viết từ "I love to turn you on" cho đến hết đoạn Ahhhhh.
Bác nào biết nhiều thông tin về Beatles phán xử hộ em phát. Thank you vinamilk.
11-04-08, 21:42
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Inspiration from a newspaper

Lennon started to write the verses whilst reading the Daily Mail newspaper of 17 January 1967. Two stories had caught his eye: one about the death of Tara Browne, the 21 year-old heir to the Guinness fortune and friend of The Beatles, who had crashed his Lotus Elan after driving through a red light; the other about a plan to fill 4,000 potholes in the streets of Blackburn, Lancashire.[1]

The song did not include a literal description of Browne’s fatal accident. Lennon said:[3]

I didn’t copy the accident. Tara didn’t blow his mind out, but it was in my mind when I was writing that verse. The details of the accident in the song—not noticing traffic lights and a crowd forming at the scene—were similarly part of the fiction.[4]

Later, fans eager to locate clues about McCartney’s supposed death seized upon this segment of the song as a depiction of his alleged accident.

McCartney provided the middle section—a short piano piece he had been working on independently—with lyrics about a commuter whose uneventful morning routine leads him to drift off into a reverie. McCartney also contributed the line “I’d love to turn you on,” which serves as a chorus to the first section of the song. Lennon explained:

I had the bulk of the song and the words, but he contributed this little lick floating around in his head that he couldn’t use for anything. I thought it was a **** good piece of work.[5]

McCartney explained that he had written the piece as a wistful recollection of his younger years:

It was another song altogether, but it happened to fit. It was just me remembering what it was like to run up the road to catch a bus to school (Liverpool Institute for Boys), having a smoke and going into class.[6]

McCartney’s section of the song included a short wordless vocal bridge back into Lennon’s part of the song.

On 27 August 1992, Lennon’s original handwritten lyrics were sold by the estate of Mal Evans (the Beatles’ road manager), in an auction at Sotheby’s London, for $100,000 (£56,600). [7]
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12-04-08, 08:53
Cảm ơn bác Gấu, tối thứ 6 em với thằng bạn đi pub nghe 1 band nó cover Beatles nên tranh luận tí cho xôm thôi chứ cãi nhau gì đâu, hệ hệ, thế là tuần sau em mất nó cốc bia rồi.