Just some silly fun!

11-12-06, 16:15
Các bạn Tây, Mỹ có vẻ thích những cái vui vui kiểu thế này

First, pick the first letter of your LAST name:

A: I sucked on
B: I ate
C: I killed
D: I licked
E: I stabbed
F: I sat on
G: I f*cked
H: I slapped
I: I made out with
*: I raped
K: I bit
L: I played with
M: I sh*t on
N: I kissed
O: I grabbed
P: I kicked
Q: I laid
R: I p*ssed on
S: I shot
T: I humped
U: I fingered
V: I watched
W: I punched
X: I stripped for
Y: I ran away from
Z: I made

Now pick your DAY of birth:

1: a dog
2: myself
3: a telephone
4: a tree
5: a cat
6: my mom
7: paper
8: a chair
9: a computer
10: a book
11: a moose
12: your mom
13: a dead person
14: a rat
15: poo
16: a librarian
17: a blade of grass
18: a teacher
19: a window
20: a door
21: a desk
22: a cup
23: coffee
24: you
25: a pie
26: a bird
27: a llama
28: it
29: a cupcake
30: a hooker
31: my dad

Now pick your birth month:

January: because im gay
February: because i was p*ssed off
March: because im mentally ill
April: because I was horny
May: because I was bored
June: because I wanted to
July: Because Im cool
August: because its a hobby
September: because I can
October: because I had to take a crap
November: because I am lonley
December: because you're a bitch

What did ya get??

I humped on a llama because I'm cool
14-12-06, 17:35
14-12-06, 17:39