Thằng nào lấy laptop của tao, mày chết rồi!

14-07-06, 12:56
Your life, and everything you love about it, has come to an end ...

Video of a professor explaining the details of what will happen to the student who has stolen his laptop ... Far more interesting however, is how eerily quickly and precisely he nailed the moron who took his things. I'd love to hear what ultimately happened to this kid, but I'm sure it wasn't good.

Vãi đá,i

I don't know if the guy is using scare tactics or not but I probably would have shi,t myself if I were the guy that stole it. The theif is going to get pwned hahaha
14-07-06, 13:56
ông này dịch nguyên văn cái bài bà cụ mất gà của vIetnam a