Những nhà lãnh đạo trẻ Việt nam ở đâu?

12-01-06, 14:24
Tình cờ lượn qua cái forùm này, cố tìm đọc mà chả thấy một mống Việt nam nào? :mad:

"There is no one from Vietnam in this instutition, the member of which come from around the world, even from Kampuchea, Mongolia, Botswana, Sierra Leon, some of the poorest, most left-behind countries.

Where is VietNam ?

The Forum of Young Global Leaders

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a newly formed, unique, multi-stakeholder community of the world’s most extraordinary leaders who are 40 years old or younger and who are ready to dedicate a part of their time and energy to jointly work towards a better future.

Each year we identify 200-300 exceptional individuals, drawn from every region in the world and from a myriad of disciplines and sectors. Together, they form a powerful international community which can dramatically impact the global future.

Young Global Leaders:

* are under 40 years old
* have substantial leadership experience
* have already clearly demonstrated a commitment to serving society
* are willing to devote their energy and expertise for five years to tackle the most critical issues facing the world.

12-01-06, 14:27
Nguyen, Bill
Founder, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Seven Networks Inc., USA

Young Global Leader 2005
Bill Nguyen is the Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO of Seven Networks, a leader in mobile communications software. He played a critical role in the success of six start-ups, including Onebox, which he sold for US$ 850 million in 2000. He was named one of the top 100 innovators by MIT’s Technology Review, and one of the Red Herring magazine’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs. Nguyen belongs to the CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus Leadership Council and the Vortex Advisory Council.
lão ma
13-01-06, 20:48
Ku Phải Gió đâu rồi. Dự định tương lai của Cty xuất cảng và khuyến mãi gái Việt còn đồng xu của chú dạo này thế nào rồi?