Bảo dưỡng - ngày mai 30/10/2012 - 9:00 Sáng

29-10-12, 12:37
moving servers ingot, coral, scepter, stone, and table out of Fremont 9:30pm on Mon. the 29th; figure 2-4 hours downtime

We'll be moving several servers to 55 s. market as part of our
plan to move out of he.net Fremont. This will give us more reliable power
and additionally will actually save us money. He.net has the cheapest
racks around, but limits power so much that it's cheaper to go with more
expensive, higher density racks at 55 s. market.

This is a forklift, or rather a 'shove it in the back of Luke's van' upgrade,
so nothing should change immediately.