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27-08-05, 06:37
Không biết có ai thích thể loại này không vậy?


CD 1
1 Picture Within
2 Wait A While
3 Sitting In A Dream
4 Love Is All
5 Via Miami
6 That's Why God Is Singing The Blues
7 Take It Off The Top
8 Wring That Neck
9 Pictures Of Home

28-08-05, 10:52
CD 2:
02-09-05, 08:55
Coming up: The Queen Symphony


Tolga Kashif is a London-based composer, and for this CD he has orchestrated some of the rock group Queen's songs into a six-section symphony. The effect is definitely more classical than popular. Kashif sometimes uses almost entire songs as the basis for a section, while at other times he takes a piece of a song here, a piece of a song there. He builds on these melodies in his own symphonic voice, which is closer to the Romanticism of the Russian composers than to anyone else. Queen relied on a certain outrageousness, and merely by doing what he's done here, Kashif is sure to continue in that tradition. It's hard to tell for whom this CD is meant: Queen fans will be either delighted or horrified by "Who wants to live forever?" without either a guitar or Freddie Mercury's seductive whine; newcomers won't care much. If lush orchestral writing (and interjections, equally lush, by a chorus) is something that fascinates you, this might just work. There's nothing of "greatness" here, but it's not a bauble to be thrown away either. --Robert Levine
04-09-05, 22:53
thanks bác
nhưng sao bác không dùng megaupload?, dùng youshare die nhanh quá, tớ không đến lượt rồi :)
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Chẹp chẹp, em chờ cái Queen Symphony này đã lâu, tưởng ko còn thấy nó được nữa, giờ thấy mừng quá, bác cuabay up lên đi ạ, còn DeepPurple đang up lại bác TriThucTre chịu khó chờ nhé :D
05-09-05, 20:37
Chẹp chẹp, em chờ cái Queen Symphony này đã lâu, tưởng ko còn thấy nó được nữa, giờ thấy mừng quá, bác cuabay up lên đi ạ, còn DeepPurple đang up lại bác TriThucTre chịu khó chờ nhé :D

Bác nốp ơi em đang nằm dưỡng thương thỉnh thoảng lại phải ngỏm dậy xem bác đã giao hàng chưa đâm ra mệt quá. Dưng mà em quyết chí rình Deep Purple bằng được mong bác nhanh nhanh hộ em. Phều phào kám ơn bác :icon_cry:
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Hò hò, upload lên chả thấy ai nói gì, chả hiểu là có thích hay không thích nên tớ chán chả up iếc gì nữa.
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Track list:

I. Adagio misterioso - Allegro con brio - Maestoso - Misterioso - Allegro

II. Allegretto - Allegro scherzando - Tranquillo

III. Adagio

IV. Allegro vivo - Moderato cantabile - Cadenza - A tempo primo

V. Andante doloroso - Allegretto - Alla marcia - Moderato risoluto - Pastorale - Maestoso

VI. Andante sostenuto


Part 1 (http://www.sendspace.com/file/1y3prt)
Part 2 (http://www.sendspace.com/file/ke63yk)
Part 3 (http://www.sendspace.com/file/5qoopi)
Part 4 (http://www.sendspace.com/file/0z15ef)
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Next: Vivaldi: The meeting


While the concept of rock musicians jamming with the symphony orchestra isn't entirely a new one, Vivaldi: The Meeting is in its own way unique. On this album, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo journeys to Italian composer Vivaldi's homeland to take part in a seven-song suite that attempts to re-create a performance the composer supposedly gave over 200 years ago. Conducted by Lorenzo Arruga, Vivaldi: The Meeting joins Lombardo with several of Italy's leading contemporary classical musicians, including oboist Luca Avanzi, flutist Mauro Scappini, and Ottavio Dantone on harpsichord (which lends "authenticity" to a period piece such as this). More opera than classical, more rock than jazz, this somewhat grandiose experiment is surprisingly even in places. Lombardo's true colors come to the fore in "La Pena Amara," where he rocks out (if only for a minute or two). Meanwhile, his rock-schooled chops in "Part Five: Nel Profondo" sound downright schizophrenic next to the Baroque harpsichord and operatic vocals that otherwise embellish the tune. This odd juxtaposition in a strange way asserts the validity of the "experiment" after all. --Joe S. Harrington
05-09-05, 22:05
Bác nào thích Deep thì tớ còn 1 album tương tự:

Concerto for Group & Orchestra


1. Wring That Neck
2. Child In Time
3. First Movement: Moderato - Allegro
4. Second Movement: Andante
5. Third Movement: Vivace - Presto
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tơ đang down để chiêm ngưỡng!
có quả deep cuabay cho nốt lên đi!
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của các bác đây, deep purple ạ :D, hôm qua ngủ quên mất nên không kịp up cái gì hết :D